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About Us

Amish Country Quilts was launched in January 2000 by John and Arlene Volk in order to offer people living away from Lancaster, PA, a convenient means to purchase the best handmade quilts available direct from Amish Country. Over the years Amish Country Quilts has shipped quilts to wonderful customers across the country and around the world, and has developed close working relationships with an outstanding group of quilt makers.

In January 2014, after 14 years of operation, John & Arlene felt it was time to reduce their participation in the day-to-day business activities of Amish Country Quilts and they restructured the website from being a internet quilt shop to becoming a market-place where selected quilt makers directly offered quilts for sale. The quilt makers offering quilts for sale were the same quilt makers that had worked with Amish Country Quilts over the previous years.

After building a business based on intricate photography and excellent customer service, John and Arlene began thinking about passing the business into new hands. In May 2017, Doug and Shiree Stuart purchased Amish Country Quilts, impressing upon John and Arlene their desire to not only sustain, but to grow the presence of a quality online quilt business. Doug is experienced in web design and online platforms, and Shiree brings hands-on experience in the quilt-making industry.

When you purchase a quilt on this web site you are purchasing it from the quilt maker who listed the quilt on our web site, rather than from us. The quilt makers have become our customers, paying us a small commission on their sales.

We expect that you will find it a delight to shop for and purchase quilts on our web site. But if you have any kind of problem, please let us know.

A special thank you to all of you who purchased quilts from Amish Country Quilts from 2000 through 2017. We appreciate having had the opportunity to serve you.

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