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Custom Quilts

Yes, our Amish quilters would love to make a quilt just for you!

Custom quilts are made to the same high standards (and by the same women) as our finished quilts. Experience leads to better results so we will assign your quilt to a woman who has made many quilts with your design. We thoroughly check each quilt for flaws and either have the flaws corrected or have another quilt made. Our intention is that you will be thrilled with the care taken in making your quilt.

The cost of a custom made quilt is usually similar to that of one of our finished quilts of the same size and complexity. The most common extra is the cost of finding just the right fabrics to match your color scheme which may add $25 to $100 to the price. In any event, we will work with you to agree on a price that matches your budget before we accept your order.

Patience is necessary. Most of our custom bed quilt orders are filled within a year and most custom quilted wall hangings in less than four months -- but it can take longer. Let us know if you have a deadline (wedding, anniversary, birthday) and we will encourage the quilter to meet your deadline.

We know our limitations and will not take an order for a quilt that our quilters cannot make well for a reasonable price.

Starting Points

Your part in making a custom quilt is to describe what you want!

The easiest starting point is for you to look through our on-line collection of quilts (over 500) and find one close to what you desire and then tell us how you would like it changed. If you like a particular quilt's design but its coloring isn't right tell us what coloring you would prefer (you can even send swatches of fabrics or paint chips for us to use in picking colors). Click the How to Order a Custom Version of this Quilt button (found on every bed quilt page) for more details.

We rountinely have reproductions of antique quilts made. The following books (which may be available in your public library, or in your local quilt guild's library) are good source for ideas. Please call or email us and we will provide you with a quotation on the cost for the quilt that you desire.

  • cover
  • The World of Amish Quilts
    by Rachel Pellman, Kenneth Pellman
    ISBN: 1-56148-237-4

    Excellent photos of 244 wonderful quilts. The Pellmans are residents of Lancaster County.
    The Amish Quilt
    by Eve Wheatcroft Granick
    ISBN: 0-934672-74-1

    Over 100 quilt photos and great commentary on Amish life and quilt making traditions
    Quilting Traditions: Pieces from the Past
    by Patricia T. Herr
    ISBN: 0-7643-1121-2

    Focused on quilts made in Lancaster over past 200 years with 225 gorgeous photos of quilts.
    Amish: The Art of the Quilt
    by Robert Hughes

    Excellent photos of 82 quilts selected from the Esprit Collection. These wonderful quilts were all made in Lancaster County from 1870 to 1950.


    With the exception of quilts that are of unusual size or coloring, we do not request a deposit and offer our standard satisfaction guarantee (return quilt in ten days for full refund if not satified for any reason). We ask for your credit card information at the time you place order, but do not charge your card until your quilt is ready to ship.

    Many quilt designs are copyrighted, we obtain permission from the copyright owner before making a quilt using a copyrighted design.

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