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Indiana Amish Quilts

The Amish woman responsible for these quilts call them her Quilts Remembered Collection. They capture her memories of the coloring and designs of quilts made and used by Midwestern Amish over the last hundred years. Each is a scaled down version of the original bed quilt (about half as wide and tall) but retains the entire design of the original. Consequently each of these quilts has lots of quilting and smaller than usual patchwork pieces.

Evidently as the Amish moved west from Pennsylvania to the Midwest they relaxed their restrictions on the use of colored fabric and freely use brighter sunny colors that the Amish in Pennsylvania won't use. Traditional quilt designs made using this bigger palette of colors are quite distinctive!

One Amish woman, who lives in northeast Indiana (Indiana Amish Country!) makes all the quilt tops and she has a few of her Amish neighbors do the quilting. We have been impressed with the care and attention to detail they have shown in making these quilts.

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