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Free Quilts Blocks

Good chance that this is the largest collection of quilt blocks that you have ever seen and it unlikely anyone will look at them all.

We started with the thought that there must be more attractive and interesting quilt block designs than those we see used over and over again. We were surprised to find how many there are!

The quilt blocks are symmetric. The first two groups of blocks are symmetric horizontally, vertically and along both diagonals. The classic Shoo Fly and Churn Dash designs share this characteristic. The third group is just symmetric along the vertical and horizontal axis, but not along the diagonals. A classic horizontal or vertical Bow Tie shares this characteristic.

The designs are laid out on a square grids of 72 triangles that combine into 36 squares. For a six inch blocks the squares would be one inch on a side. We incorporated 'rules' for making the blocks in a computer program and then let it create them for us and you.

Perhaps it will be an inspiration for you to make a quilt with quilt block designs that no one has ever seen before!