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Quilt Patterns

Quilt patterns for many of the quilts shown here are commericially available. Some of the designs have been created by local women for their exclusive use and commercial patterns are not available.

While we do not sell quilt patterns, there are many sources for quilt patterns on the web. When specifying a pattern bear in mind that the names of quilt patterns are not standardized -- you will find that many different quilt patterns have the same name, and many quilt patterns have several different names.What's more as quilts are laid out a particular design may modified by the quilter to adjust its size.

Here are links to some sources of popular quilt patterns:

  • Heart of Roses -- Greatbook written by C Jean Horst that provides instructions for this wonderful quilt.
  • Bargello Rhapsody Quilts -- Written by Marge Edie
  • Country Bride Quilts -- Written by Craig Heisey and Rachel Pellman
  • Dahlia Quilts -- Written by Cheryl Benner
  • Amish Bed Quilts -- Written by Rachel Pellman and includes the following patterns:
    • Center Diamond
    • Sunshine and Shadow
    • Bars
    • Multiple Patch
    • Irish Chain
    • Log Cabin
    • Double T
    • Stars
    • Jacobís Ladder
    • Baskets
    • Fan
    • Ocean Waves
    • Roman Stripe
    • Tumbling Blocks
    • Rail Fence
    • Bow Tie
    • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
    • Shoo-Fly
    • Monkey Wrench
    • Carolina Lily
    • Crown of Thorns
    • Bear Paw
    • Pinwheel
    • Garden Maze
    • Railroad Crossing
    • Double Wedding Ring
    • Diagonal Triangles
    • Drunkardís Path
    • Tree of Life
    • Bachelorís Puzzle
    • Rolling Stone
  • Small Amish Quilt Patterns (crib and wall size) -- Written by Rachel Pellman. Includes patterns for the same quilts as listed above.

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