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Wall Hangings, Crib Quilts & Throws Available Now

These small quilts were selected to please demanding quilt lovers. Showing a diversity of patterns, styles, and colors, these quilts are all beautifully designed and very well constructed. Note how carefully each has been pieced and hand quilted. These quilts are the best of the best Lancaster has to offer -- they are far superior to the small quilts made as souvenirs for tourists.

While small compared to a bed quilt, these wall hangings are still large in comparison with most paintings or prints found in homes. With their dramatic use of color and texture they can become the visual focal point of any room in your home. Consider lighting them as you would a fine painting.

As with our larger quilts, these quilts are made one at a time in Amish and Mennonite homes -- they are not mass produced. We only have one of each to sell.

The small quilts listed below are available for immediate sale and when ordered will be shipped, almost always, no later than the next business day. This page is updated when new quilts are listed or quilts sold.

If you see a small quilt that you love, but it is the wrong size -- please contact us . We can check to see if a similar well-made small quilt in the right size is available. We can also arrange for a small quilt to be custom made.

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