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Small Quilt Patchwork Gallery

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Rainbow Fish Set
includes the Hard Cover Rainbow Fish book
Rainbow Fish Set includes the Hard Cover Rainbow Fish book(wh6935)
30 inches wide by 41 inches long
Grandmas! Did you see the Rainbow Fish wall quilt/ crib quilt set that includes the little Rainbow Fish Book? Here is a sweet classic quilt and book for your adore ble toddler. Rainbow Fish will enchant even the youngest child with his silver scales and heart of gold in they award-winning book about the beautiful fish who learned to share his most prized possession. The quilt is just as precious with it's family of fish in all different brilliant colors of 100 % cotton batiks. - each fish different! Made by C Jean Horst and hand quilted by our Amish friend, Millie. She has 7 beautiful hand stitches per inch in this quilt. This cute little quilt include a sleeve for hanging if it's too cute for the crib and you prefer to hang it on the nursery wall.

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Indiana Amish Pink and Cream Solomon's Puzzle Crib Quilt
Indiana Amish Pink and Cream Solomon's Puzzle Crib Quilt(wh6939)
38 inches wide by 50 inches long
Wonderful design! A lovely addition to any nursery. Pretty pink and cream coloring. Precise piecework and amazing quilting. Exceptionally well made in northeast Indiana by an Amish woman. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod. This quilt has been gently pre-washed for you.

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Radiant Sunshine/Shadow 
Golds and plums
Radiant Sunshine/Shadow Golds and plums(wh6831)
45 inches wide by 45 inches long
A twinkling wall quilt that could be hung on the point or straight as you see it. It is a nice arrangement of a nine patch block using two different fabrics. Beautifully sewed and quilted. The quilted has 7 - 8 hand stitches per inch of quilting in this piece. It also has a beautiful coordinated backing of batik on the backing along with the corner documentation tag that marks Jean's work. Nice size to use in any space in your home or office.

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Navy and Blue Weaver Fever Quilt
Navy and Blue Weaver Fever Quilt(wh6808)
47 inches wide by 48 inches long
Fascinating design and pretty colors! This quilt is the perfect size to use as a wall hanging, crib quilt or throw. Be sure to notice the extra tiny hand quilted stitches! The back of the quilt is covered with a pretty navy and white floral print fabric. Made by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman.

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Pastel and Cream Wedding Ring Crib Quilt
Pastel and Cream Wedding Ring Crib Quilt(wh6793)
36 inches wide by 46 inches long
A tiny, darling version of the classic wedding ring design! This size quilt would be perfect for a bassinet or cradle. Lovely pastel fabrics! Well made and beautifully quilted with tiny stitches. Made by an Amish woman in her Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home. (The quilt that is available is just like the one pictured, but has a mint green edge binding.)

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Bargello Wave
 museum quality
Bargello Wave museum quality(wh6703)
70 inches wide by 80 inches long
Extra special work! Bargello quilts, inspired originally by a traditional needlepoint stitch, are popular as a contemporary design. Instead of embroidery stitches, simple rectangular blocks of colored fabric, which appear to gradually shift in size and placement, imitate the needlework pattern. Varying widths of pieced blocks from a 1/4 inch sliver to a sturdy 2 1/4 inch block produce a gradual wave, sloping and shifting from left to right. By selecting mutely colored batik fabrics, C Jean Horst sifted the colors gently and painted a landscape - streams of clear water meandering down dark ruddy mountains. Cascading lines of fine quilting further enhance the image. To borders of sandy brown and moody plum batik fabrics tastefully frame the piece. Beautifully pieced and quilted with 8 stitches per inch and every row quilted. A masterpiece! A sleeve may be added so that it could be hung with the 70 or the 80 inch side to the top. Your choice. Cotton

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Echo Tumbling Blocks
 Museum Quality
Echo Tumbling Blocks Museum Quality(wh6702)
75 inches wide by 72 inches long
The color, shape and the dimension in this Tumbling Block displays C Jean Horst's disciplined ability to arrange colors in a totally symmetrical way and yet produce a complex overall design. There are stars and three dimensional blocks, easy to spot with careful inspection. Also the blocks rotate around a small black star central to the quilt. The light colored top of each block moves as the blocks rotate around, forming a jagged circle. Perhaps the quilt gets its name from the multiple lines of symmetry that intersect and echo throughout, or possibly from the way the colored blocks seem to tumble out from the center black star. The quilting was done inside the blocks. Squint your eyes and enjoy a somewhat different view of this kaleidoscope of color. ! Magnificant office wall or foyer piece. 100% cotton fabrics. Sleeve may be added for hanging or it could be used as a throw. This has 8 hand quilted stitches per inch and is well quilted. 10% cotton fabrics !

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Postage Stamp Colorsplash
5,329 Squares Museum Quality
Postage Stamp Colorsplash 5,329 Squares Museum Quality(wh6701)
83 inches wide by 83 inches long
From tawny shades of beige to deep hues of navy, burgundy, and forest green, 36 different fabrics come together to form this colorsplash design. East color family is arranged in a blended order and with a variety of fabric choices, from small prints and larger paisleys, to checks and tone-on-tones. The postage stamp sized squares are 1 inch in size, and each one is meticulously squared to it neighbor. All 5,329 squares are crossed, corner to corner, with fine quilting of 8 plus stitches per inch. The graceful feather stitch and the cable quilting on the borders make this a very unique quilt and the quilting compliments the strong geometric design of the miniature block patchwork. Fabric content 100% cottons. A Very high quality quilt for a spectacular and special spot.

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Star Bright Wall Hanging
using Batiks
Star Bright Wall Hanging using Batiks(wh6715)
44 inches wide by 44 inches long
A stellar design by C Jean Horst featuring hand painted batik fabrics on a black background. This quilt displays beautiful piecing. It was well hand quilted by an Amish woman. C Jean Horst has signed and dated the quilt in fabric ink on a special corner label on the quilt's bright and beautiful batik backing. Very finely quilted with 8 - 9 hand stitches per inch. 100% cotton Fabric

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Green and Ivory Classic Bargello Wave
Green and Ivory Classic Bargello Wave(wh6712)
45 inches wide by 37 inches long
Another beautiful example of C Jean Horst's artistry in selecting fantastic fabrics of 100% cotton. This collection is from Moda Fabrics. Gorgeous design well made and quilted by a local Amish woman. Note the fine quilting and careful patchwork piecing with 8 stitches per inch done by our Amish friend. The outer border is green print like the backing and the inner border is cream like in the wave (not gold as this photo shows). The exact same set of fabrics was used, but the inner gold border is actually cream like the lightest fabric you see on this available bargello wave, thus we did not get a second photograph. The backing is a beautiful Moda green fabric like border to coordinate with the front side. A traditional classic combination! Also has a sleeve for hanging included.

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