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Baltimore Album Sampler Quilt
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A Quilt Selected by Hannah
A terrific anniversary or birthday gift

Hannah selected the fabrics for this perfectly appliqued quilt. The autumn colors on the light tan background makes the carefully sewn applique work look even sharper! Note the care taken in selecting portions of the printed fabric to use for each piece of applique and how well each is oriented to enhance the overall design. Quite often the quantity and quality of the quilting on this style of quilt leaves a lot to be desired -- not here! Look at the very fine stitching.

The back of this quilt is covered with a single sheet of a fine gold on cream cotton print. The quilting pattern is attractive with about 100 linear inches of quilting per square foot. The stitching is very good with about 8 stitches per inch. A high quality quilt.

Questions? Call Ada Martin at (717) 376-4035 or email am@amishcountryquilts.com

Availability: Sold -- no longer available

Baltimore Album Sampler Quilt Price: $1220 (approximately €0, ₤0, ¥0, C$0, AU$0)

Catalog Code: hs4473

While the quilt shown here has been sold, we can arrange for this quilt to be custom made for you. The current price may be more because of increases in the cost of fabric.

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