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Magic Squares King size bed quilt

A C Jean Horst quilt

A terrific anniversary or birthday gift

An arrangement of graphic 3-D optical illusions!! Here 6 batik 100% quilter cotton fabrics work well together to cause your eyes to keep fixated on those squares to figure out what is taking place in the combinations of sizes and shades. The dark and the light fabrics are a must in this pattern to create the magical attention which we all love. A new pattern for our Amish seamstress that was designed by Helene Knott. The pattern was designed as a throw, but we like making king size quilts!! And so we expanded our layout quite a bit to accommodate a generous king size bed.

The backing of this quilt in done in a beautiful tan marble suede look while still being 100% cotton fabric. The hand quilting is just beautiful and our Amish friend was able to do 9 - 10 stitches per inch on this quilt which is very amazing. It is another of C Jean Horst's fine quilts that are know to be of excellent quality in every way. A brand new beauty. A high quality quilt.

Questions? Call C Jean Horst at (717) 394-6244 or email cjh@amishcountryquilts.com

Availability: Sold -- no longer available

Magic Squares
King size bed quilt Price: $1075 (approximately €920, ₤810, ¥123000, C$1350, AU$1380)

Catalog Code: hs7689 (16036)

While the quilt shown here has been sold, we can arrange for this quilt to be custom made for you. The current price may be more because of increases in the cost of fabric.

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