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energy plus 5... let's have it
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A Ruth Flaud quilt

A terrific anniversary or birthday gift

A very special quilt by Pattiy Torno. A fresh elegant patchwork design of triangular pieces in just two sizes. A wonderful collection of fabrics (note the kittens). The fabrics are carefully cut so that the printed fabric patterns precisely align with the overall design. Exceptional quilting done with colored cotton embroidery floss (with the coloring of quilting thread different from triangle to triangle to pick up colors in the different pieces). A tremendous amount of very careful work went into this work of art! Pattiy makes her quilts entirely on her own, It's her design, she cuts every piece, sews every seam, and hand quilts every stitch. A true artist who consequently makes only a few quilts each year. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod.

A high quality quilt.

Questions? Call Ruth Flaud at (610) 273-3211 or email rf@amishcountryquilts.com

Availability: Sold -- no longer available

energy plus 5... let Price: $1900 (approximately €0, ₤0, ¥0, C$0, AU$0)

Catalog Code: wh4714

While the quilt shown here has been sold, we can arrange for this quilt to be custom made for you. The current price may be more because of increases in the cost of fabric.

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