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Multicolor Zig Zag Crib Quilt

A Quilt Selected by Hannah
A terrific anniversary or birthday gift

Delightful quilt with a grab bag of charming fabrics. Love the design too! Made here in Lancaster by an Amish woman. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod.

A high quality quilt.

Questions? Call Connie Lapp at (484) 880-3823 or email cl@amishcountryquilts.com

Availability: Sold -- no longer available

Multicolor Zig Zag Crib Quilt Price: $280 (approximately €240, ₤210, ¥32000, C$350, AU$360)

Catalog Code: wh5355

While the quilt shown here has been sold, we can arrange for this quilt to be custom made for you. The current price may be more because of increases in the cost of fabric.

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